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I am a Microsoft MVP!

by | 12/08/2019 | Personal

On Thursday 1st of August at 6 PM I was shivering. I got a beautiful mail that I became an MVP Developer Technologies.

A Microsoft MVP or Most Valuable Professional is an award for your work in the community. Community work is by example: running a user group, speaking at conferences, contributing to OSS and a few more.

Most of the MVP’s have besides their MVP status work as a paid job. For me being an MVP without a paid job is a real honor for me. I know that I am with the little few. I promise to take my responsibility for the community.

And want to thank you all. All of you attended sessions from me at conferences or Meetups. Organizers of conferences and meetups who gave me the chance to speak to their audience. Without the opportunity to talk at a lot of conferences and meetups last year I wouldn’t be an MVP. 

I plan to speak a lot more conferences in the next year (I mean from September until July). I hope to surprise you with new topics within my expertise. I believe I can make a difference in Accessibility and Diversity and Inclusion. But not only in these fields.

So I plan also a series of technical talks where I do discuss technologies that I use to make our (DDSoft) ‘s accessible software. I want to reach people that aren’t in the scope of accessibility but that will benefit from my product/technology knowledge.

And I have a little surprise: in one of the coming blog posts, I do an announcement…