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Meeting the community at DevDay in Belgium

by | 21/12/2019 | Conferences

In November 26th there was a conference in Belgium called DevDay. The conference was at the Cinescope in Louvain-La-Neuve. For me this was  great reason to visit the tech community at the Fresh speaking part of Belgium.

Networking at conferences

So, as you all know I made a talk called: “Networking at conferences for autistic people and introverts”. Networking at conferences is really important for me. In fact the main reason to attend this conference was to network! I wanted to meet again with Laurent Bugnion, Henk Boelman and Nick Trogh from Microsoft. Nick wasn’t speaking at this conference but was the men at the Microsoft Booth.

AI in the battle against the fakes by Henk

This talk was an amazing war story about a real solution for solving a problem at Henk’s previous job. Henk explained how he developed an AI solution to distinguish real products from a company and fake products.

The talk was a combination of a good war story and concrete steps into action to work with Azure Cognitive Services. Personally, I loved the combination of war story with concrete steps to action!

Good job Henk!

PIcture of henk presenting AI in the battles against the fakes.
Henk in his battle against the fakes.

A lap around serverless form an app developers perspective

Are you ready to go serverless? Bart and Glenn told us their story to go serverless for back-ends for mobile devices. An app with a  serverless backend can be a cheaper, more cost-effective solution. In this talk Bart and Glenn showed how they build a complete solution, but they are not only saying which tools they use but provides us a lot of insights a lot of the Azure products.

The setup of the project are some web projects hosted on Docker. Docker has advantages if you want to be scalable and are good to fix the “it works on my machine” issue.

For storage Bart and Glenn advice to use CosmosDB. CosmosDB is horizontally scalable and has a very high SLA .

The complete solution glued together with Azure Functions. Azure Functions is a serverless approach to execute code.

As good developers should advice, do Bart and Glenn advice to automate your complete development with Azure DevOps and App center.

I really loved this talk and this talks gave me a lot of insights for my next serverless backends.


As I only speak Dutch and English, and a lot of talks were in French I couldn’t attend all the talks. At DevDay a lot of talks were in French. And… It was the first time in Louvain-La-Neuve, so I made a nice city tour in the late afternoon before heading to my hometown.

Picture of Louvan la neuve by night
Louvain La Neuve by night.

I had good discussions, saw some amazing sessions (some more than the 2 I describe here and walked in a nice neighborhood. So I had a good day!

See you hopefully next year, DevDay!