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NDC London 2019

by | 07/03/2019 | Conferences

Last week it was a real blast, call it a rollercoaster but a special rollercoaster. A rollercoaster with different speeds and power but only going up higher. Only hills, no deeps.

It was the NDC London week. NDC London is my first conference I spoke 2 times in a row. My flight to London was at Tuesday. Everything wend well and I love flying. When I arrived I’ve got my first peek: I’ve got an invitation for a conference to do a keynote talk. (I cannot say which conference at this time of writing). Being invited for a keynote was one of my big dreams.

When I’m arrived at the speakers hotel I was welcomed by other speakers and I had a real big family feeling. Nice hotel, the blast was started.

Wednesday at NDC was a lovely day, I reunited with Mads Torgersen, saw a nice talk of Troy Hunt and his 9 year old son and saw inspiring sessions from Tim G Thomas (on Icons on the web) and from Tannaz N Roshandel and Line Moseng about diversity in tech.

Of course a NDC Wednesday ends with a lovely boat cruise! I like it!

David Neal and a slide of Not all heroes ware capes

On Thursday was the day for my talks! I also took the time to learn about ASP.NET Core and I was inspired by David Neal and Jim Bennett (a hero BTW) (both hero’s don’t speak about ASP.NET but are really great)

My talks went well. It was a good audience and I loved the given questions. I really love to introduce autism and accessibility into the world of programmers! Will keep going on with this!

The NDC Party was magical. I got so much energy from Dylan Beattie about developing the Rockstar Language! It was so inspiring that developers besides their day jobs have the courage to develop more in their spare time. For myself (as person with autism) I have the feeling that developing what’s needed for my work at DDSoft takes effort. But Dylan (and also Clifford Agius on the Friday) inspired me so much to try to develop more hours and also make time again for side projects. This goes the same for blogging / professional social media… Let’s say: Dennie you do a lot, but you can do more!

Scott Hanselman and me

Friday had big hills and huge climbs in this positive rollercoaster: The keynote from Scott Hanselman was magical. And the session (again from Scott) about Solving Diabetes with an artificial pancreas where really inspiring. To put the magic to the limit: just before lunch time I received a magical mail from NDC Minnesota that I was accepted for NDC Minnesota and then I knew “my life dream: visiting the states” will happen this year in May, for all this I made the hashtag #7ThYearMagic by the end of last year. I knew It must happen in 2019

Friday evening was PubConf and I partied a lot. For me it was the PubConf celebrating your life dream editions. Infuses by fantasizing about how to travel from Minnesota to Seattle and put the magic to the limit.

Now I am back in business, very thankful for last week and more inspired than ever! #DreamingIsBelieving! Let’s put my effort to the next limit.

Thanks for everyone making last week magical!

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