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The Need of Accessible Apps

by | 09/09/2019 | Accessibility

At this time many people around the world are using apps, computers and smartphones. Most of this people can do a lot of interesting stuff with this modern communication.

This modern communication made many people their life easier. So I going go tell you a story to show how modern and mobile technology helped our family and myself.

Center Parcs

“We are 1995, I was a child and went on vacation with my parents to a family resort in my own country. There were business people and just working- life families. I was in the scene of a normal life family, my dad was working in the metal industry and my mom was selling pizza’s at a market. We walked to the swimming pool and we saw a business man calling with a mobile cell phone. We found it funny, my dad was laughing out loud with the  ‘mobile phone’ and in our family we made a role – playing – theater about calling with mobile phones.

4 Years later, my parents had a mobile phone. 7 Year later I had a mobile phone. After a while I switched do a PDA. Internet enabled device. And since quite long time we all have an smartphone, and are continuously connected to the outer world. I even have a Twitter account and via digital media I worked myself into a worldwide well known conference speaker.”

Dennie Declercq

Without this technology my speaker life wasn’t there. I have a lot of QoL (Quality of Life) improvements due to this modern technology.

Image of an application to communicate about emotions. The app don't have a name right now and is not published. It's a proof of concept.

So let me make the link through people with disabilities. Not all the people with disabilities have a smartphone yet. I have proven that it’s possible to make special-made apps that are user friendly for people who can’t read or have difficulties with most of the apps in Market Place / App Store.

Shouldn’t it be nice if we can open up the world also for those people. If we can not only make the impossible possible for people without disabilities, but also for people with disabilities?

This is the point were “Inclusion” comes in. People with disabilities (PWD) are living the same life as people without disabilities. All people together have a good life and a good QoL. This is inclusion this is my pride!

How do you to this? Well on this https://ware.ddsoft.be/en/blog I post a lot of blog about accessible software. I even share my speaker schedule. I am going to do a lot of blog posts ant talks about accessible software.

To give you a sneak preview: I talk a lot about Simplify the Layout, Color By Function and Text To Speech. More about this terms in following posts.

Yours, Dennie