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  • You own an IT company but are looking for help to make software more accessible?
  • You are responsible for the digital branch within your organization?
  • You are an entrepreneur or individual interested in the latest digital capabilities?

We provide training to large and small teams. There are different formulas for training and customization is always possible.

These topics are available as training of at least a full day, or a customized workshop of a few hours.

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workshop: Accessibility day

Accessibility day workshop

In this one-day workshop you will learn the ins and outs of accessibility. We start with the basic explanation of accessibility and inclusion. Then we will get started with accessible design and tools to validate the accessibility of your applications.

Workshop: Autism Day

Autism day workshop

In this workshop, you will learn the basics about autism and how people on the autism spectrum can behave differently. You will learn what Autism Spectrum Disorder is. How the brains of people in this spectrum are wired differently and how this leads to different behavior.

Logo of the training: 2 day bootcamp on Accessibility and Autism

Accessibility & Autism day

A two-day workshop consisting of a combination of the accessibility day workshop and the autism day workshop.

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Make your communication accessible to people who have a form of color blindness such as 1 in 3 men. With accessible color combinations, your website will also be more accessible to people with a reduced sight.

Logo talk, Following Standards for Modern web Accessibility

Following Standards for Modern Website Accessibiliy

Did you know that one in seven people in the world has a disability? They deserve to be able to surf the web, make digital purchases and register accounts too. In this workshop, you’ll learn about using accessibility, the necessary steps for doing so!

DDSoft training

Introduction to accessibility

Digital accessible websites, apps and software are designed to be accessible to people with a temporary or permanent disability. You learn about accessible design, which means that people with and without disabilities can participate in the (digital) world.

DDSoft training

Supporting Autistic people at the workplace

In this course you will learn how to work best with people on the autism spectrum. This is based on experience (from someone with autism themselves) combined with recognized methods.

With a friendly approach, you can get the best out of all your employees!

DDSoft training

Autism and (virtual) meetings

In this training you will learn the best potential out of your employees with autism during meetings.

We teach you about adjustments that can be made during both meetings at work as well as virtual meetings.

DDSoft training

About bullying (in the workforce*) and talents

Do you know how big the impact of bullying can be? Bullying can destroy lives.

In this training, I will teach you that there is never a reason to bully, because the bullied is often the one with the most talents, today we let those shine!