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About bullying (in the workforce*) and talents

Slide training

Do you know how big the impact of bullying can be? Bullying can destroy lives.

In this training, I will teach you that there is never a reason to bully, because the bullied is often the one with the most talents, today we let those shine!

This session is intended for companies and schools

Of course, today I am speaking at a place where there is no bullying. Nobody bullies, though? Or…

Is this a bit too optimistic, and aren’t we there yet? In a wonderful environment where everyone feels safe. Everyone works together with a shared vision, mission and understanding for each other.

In a diverse and inclusive environment, some people work faster than others, some do work slower. Some people have different views, taste, opinions, interests and this is fine!

If co-workers don’t understand and respect your own views, taste, opinions, needs, etc. Then you don’t feel included and microaggressions start to happen. It doesn’t take a long time before the same person is always the reason of conflict, the person not fully belonging to the table. Whether it’s the office/classroom table, lunch table or meeting table is not relevant. Because if you exclude people from one table, the other tables will follow soon!

This workshop is a unique view of how I (luckily enough) survived bullying in school and at workplaces. It’s the view about how my talent was losing, how production was going to zero, but how believing in my talents and switching working environments caused me to have an impact in the world while feeling well.

Today I show you there’s no reason to bully others, and most importantly, I motivate people who are bullied to stand up for their rights and never lose their own trust in their talents.