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Two day bootcamp on Accessibility and Autism

Workshop: Autism Day

A two-day workshop consisting of a combination of the accessibility day workshop and the autism day workshop.

Accessibility day workshop

In this full-day workshop, you will learn the ins-and outs of accessibility. We will start with the basic explanation of accessibility and inclusion. In short words, this means developing a product/ website that can be used by all people on the planet, including people with a range of disabilities.

Some examples: Someone who has difficulties with seeing, hearing, using two hands, cognition and more. After this, we go on to accessible and inclusive design. Here, you learn how to adapt a way of designing those products that will be accessible for people with disabilities. We end with education of tools to test your products on accessibility in design, production, and even in your CI/CD pipeline.

Autism day workshop

In this workshop, you learn the ins-and outs about autism and how people on the autism spectrum may behave differently. You learn what Autism Spectrum Disorder is? How the brain of people on this spectrum is wired different and how this leads to different behaviour.

This workshop day is exclusive and different from other autism teachings because the trainer is a person on the autism spectrum! So, please expect loads of hands-on tips, advice, and views inside the world of people on the autism spectrum and what helps them! Which little changes in the workplace make a massive impact? Why is something so difficult, although it’s logical for other colleagues?