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Autism and (virtual) meetings

Slide training

In this training you will learn the best potential out of your employees with autism during meetings.

We teach you about adjustments that can be made during both meetings at work as well as virtual meetings.

Let’s be direct, open and honest, people on the Autism Spectrum have other communication needs and standards than people that aren’t on the spectrum. If companies adjust their meetings, they can be more inclusive for people on the Autism Spectrum, and automatically for other people on the Neurodiversity Spectrum too. Starting with clear structure, personal safety and being mindful of all, we can make real-world offline and virtual online meetings more inclusive. I will teach you the impact of a strict agenda, breaks and time between questions, the difference between open and closed questions, how external stimuli can destroy the quality of meetings and many, many more. I will also show you which questions that block me in meetings and why I can give a completely, unexpected and irrelevant answer to a question or ask them myself as a person on the autism spectrum!