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Introduction to accessibility

Slide training

Digital accessible websites, apps and software are designed to be accessible to people with a temporary or permanent disability. You learn about accessible design, which means that people with and without disabilities can participate in the (digital) world.

We all hear about accessibility, creating software and websites that are accessible for as many people as possible, this includes people with visible and hidden disabilities. How many people in the world have a temporally or permanent disability? Where are they, and why do we need to include them? Is there a benefit for our business too?

The answers are: It’s a business-driven benefit to design for people that are colorblind, it’s a business benefit that users can buy stuff and request support tickets, even if they are anxious, have cognitive difficulty or have a vision loss.

Users that want to operate our apps and/or websites but can’t operate or understand them will be frustrated with your company, software and services. They will feel left behind, and the users will have an unfulfilled need and desire.

This is not what developers, creators of a better world, want, though?

In this talk, I will explain the basics why we need to build accessible apps and websites and teach you how to get started making an impact when you come back from this conference!