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Supporting Autistic people at the workplace

Slide training

In this course you will learn how to work best with people on the autism spectrum. This is based on experience (from someone with autism themselves) combined with recognized methods.

With a friendly approach, you can get the best out of all your employees!

People on the Autism Spectrum are unique talents your company can use. Most of them look pretty out of the box and can be very dedicated to delivering value. In an inclusive social environment, it’s also a good thing to have people who are neurodiverse for the quality of life of everyone.

But sometimes interactions, decisions, unclear tasks, and even the physical office can lead to those autistic coworkers feeling unsupported, stressed, frustrated, burned out quick and unexpected.

People on the autism spectrum have another way of interpretation and communication, this can lead to those unexpected situations.

I will teach you how the brain works differently for autistic people and show you a look through the eyes of an autistic person. I will give you clear guidelines on how to ease communication and interpretation and provide fixes where possible.